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Be educated, be prepared. Leading Solution Provides IT Training and computer education in almost all Programming, software and networking applications, it distinguishes itself from others through a quality of education, engineered by a dexterous mix of established teaching ideologies, modern methodologies and technically qualified instructors. ASL methodologies make learning an enjoyable as well as a rewarding experience. ASL always emphasizes on excellence.

Leading Solution, LLC. Student Training & Placement Program Details

For the fresh graduates, Leading Solution LLC is a learning ground, an opportunity for growth, a milestone in the career graph and a substantial stair on the ladder. We are very selective and opt for only those who have the competence to imbibe and bring to good use of new technologies, tools, and delivery techniques to serve our customers better.

Because of the high quality of the training offer, Leading Solution LLC has become very popular in East & West Coast area. People come from all over the US.

We provide Training & Placement in the following technologies:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Data analyst
  3. Quality Assurance Testing
  4. Selenium, Mobile Testing
  5. Java Programming
  6. SQL Database
  7. Hadoop
  8. Android Mobile Application
  9. .NET C# Asp.Net
  10. Project Management
  11. Pega System
  12. Cisco Networking
  13. SAP FI
  14. Oracle
  15. Informatica


  • QA Testing & Business Analysis
  • Pega Testing
  • ETL / DW / BI Testing


  • Oracle Database Administration and development
  • PL/SQL Development
  • SQL Server administration and development (SSIS)

You do not require prior programming or software knowledge for any of the courses listed above. We train you from the very basics. All the required manuals and books will be provided.

Salient features of our training and placement program are:

Professional and Certified Instructors with years of real time industry experience.

Instructors are graduates from BITS, Oracle, Java and hold a Masters Degree in Computer

Science (USA), working with fortune 500 companies

Extensive and well planned course structure from a job point of view.

Small size classes enabling individual attention and quick completion.

Exposure to instructors’ real time work environments.

High end computer equipment and computer software

Assistance in preparing your resume, and provide support after being placed.

100% guaranteed job placement through Leading Solution LLC excellent marketing team.

What makes us stand out from the crowd!

There are infinite number of software consulting companies offering training and placement programs across USA.. Why should you choose us? What makes us stand out from this crowd?

First – Attractive salaries

We pay much better than what the other companies are paying for their consultants after training. That is for two reasons, one, we train in technologies that are in demand and where the pay rate will be more. Two, we all are MS graduates and we have gone through this, so we understand your needs better than others. Please call us for more details about salary

Next – We train only selective number of consultants, in selective technologies which are in demand, and which have long term scope. Class size is never more than 5 – 6 people. Each consultant is trained in a specific course, based on their back ground (Most of the companies ask you to prepare by yourself and they will try to market)

Finally – Leading Solution LLC is a well established company with a clean history with LLC. We have had 100% success rate with H-1 visa approvals and green card approvals.

A Word about the instructors

Instructors bring together years of experience in working for industry leaders, such as Microsoft, Lotus Development Corp, Apple, Xerox, HP, Canon, Informix, Adobe, Visa, Cisco, McAfee, Oracle, Kensington, Netscape, and Broad Vision, etc. They have knowledge of and in-depth industry experience in their respective fields which are hot areas of today’s market. Most of the Instructors are graduates from BITS, Pilani, and hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Science (USA). Classes will be conducted on daily basis, not weekly. You will have the privilege to call them at any point of time, during the training and also after the placement for any technical issues. Individual attention to the consultants is guaranteed at any point of time.

Exposure to the real time environment

Once you are done with the training, you will be exposed to the real-time work environment, where your instructor works, which builds you the confidence and puts you at ease while attending interviews.

Excellent marketing team guarantying you 100% placement

Our client base is huge and our experienced marketing team guarantees you a placement within weeks of your course completion.

Post placement back end support

Once you get placed and start working, you will be facing numerous technical problems on a daily basis till you get some experience. Our instructors will be available to you on the phone to help you out with solutions to your problems.

Each participant’s curriculum is tailored to their background and career needs

Because of the relatively short time students are taking courses, we are especially sensitive to the needs of every student in order to meet the objectives of the programs. Classes are small, about 4- 5 students per class. This allows our instructors to involve all students in lively participation in discussions, problem solving, and other class activities. This also allows finding the right approach to each student; the approach that we feel will maximize each student’s unique capabilities and potential for advancement.

What are you waiting for?

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